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Weekly Cost Of Using Pelletized Bedding

# of Stall in the Barn
Total Start up Cost per Stall
Week 1
# of Bags per Stall
Total Cost per Stall per Day for Week 1
Cost per Bag
Total Start up Cost for 30 Stalls

The above Chart is based on a 12 x 12 stall. We suggest starting with 4 to 6 bags of bedding per stall. When you are trying to determine if Pelletized Bedding is right for you, use the high end of the scale so you can see the benefits to you



# of Stalls per Barn
Total Cost per Stall per Week 2
Week 2
# of Bags Added per Week
Total Cost per Day per Week 2
Cost per Bag
Total Cost for Barn per Week

As you can see the setup (first week) is the most expensive. Because the product is designed to eliminate having to strip the stall you can see the incredible savings after the stall is up and going. We suggest adding one or two bags of bedding per week after the first week to keep the stall recharged and fresh.




"Quality Horse Bedding, The Right Price"
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